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Taste of Cuba

Join us for our seventh event focusing on the cultures of countries around the world. .. More Info

The Shasta Library Foundation supports and enriches the resources and services of the Shasta Public Libraries in Redding, Anderson, and Burney by raising funds for an endowment and special projects. Your donation to the Endowment Fund provides resources for library books and materials today and for generations to come.

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Why I serve on the Shasta Library Foundation Board…
“The vibrancy of a library directly correlates to the vibrancy of a city. It is part of my personal mission to make Redding a vibrant place where talented people of all ages want to live. I see our public library playing an ever-important role in the local ecosystem, so serving on the SLF Board is one way that I choose to contribute to help build a thriving city.”
— Aaron Hatch