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Libraries are a cornerstone of the community

The possibilities that libraries afford humanity are endless. Information. Resources. Education and opportunity are simple steps to the betterment of individuals and stepping stones towards a greater society. Simply put, when we invest in opening the doors of information to people through libraries, we invest in the strength of our community. If we want our community to thrive, then we must look for ways to get involved which means supporting societal structures that help everyone like public libraries. The library is one of the most incredible places where the possibility for personal growth, a stronger connection to community and a better world to live is just a visit away.  

G. Perkins
"Public libraries are the greatest things about our society"
5 stars
R. Adent
"An awesome place- big selection, friendly staff, great atmosphere!"
5 stars
R. Butler
"Love the library!"
5 stars
G. Perkins
"Public libraries are the greatest things about our society"
5 stars
R. Adent
"An awesome place- big selection, friendly staff, great atmosphere!"
5 stars
R. Butler
"Love the library!"
5 stars
Sara Doe
"Just... Wow!"
5 stars
Luke Doe
"Tastes like heaven"
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"Simply amazing"
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Our history

Making readers happy
since 1903

Roots of the Library

The first library in Shasta County was a municipal library built in 1903 in Library Park with a grant from the Carnegie Foundation.

County-wide system formed

The Carnegie Library became part of a county library system that formed in the late 1940s of the county library system formed in the late 1940s. The system thrived for several decades – culminating in a main library and 23 branches and stations.

Library System first in Country to close
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The passage of Proposition 13 negatively impacted funding for the library and ultimately resulted in its closure in 1987. The County reopened three libraries – in Redding, Burney and Anderson – in 1988 with funding assistance from the Cities of Redding and Anderson, the Burney residents and community, and later, the Friends of the Library.  

Shasta Library Foundation formed to improve Library service

The Shasta Library Foundation was established in 1991 in response to a continuing weak financial base with the purpose of providing funding stability and enhancing the services and resources of the library through the creation of a permanent endowment. In the mid-1990s, the Shasta Library Foundation received a bequest from the Elizabeth G. Hyatt Trust that funded a restricted Book Fund and the assets of the Redding Women’s Club provided the beginning of the General Endowment Fund. The Shasta Library Foundation board members spent most of the 1990s participating in numerous committees, task forces, and commissions looking for ways to improve library services and facilities.

Funding for Library construction
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The passage in 2000 of the Library Construction and Renovation Bond Act provided an unprecedented opportunity for citizens in Shasta County to build a new library. The Shasta Library Foundation’s board members worked collaboratively with New Library Now! to raise the local funds needed to obtain the state grant.

Library governance changed

With the new building under construction, concerns again surfaced about keeping the Library open. Under the leadership of the Shasta Library Foundation, a final task force addressed the significant ongoing operational, financial, and governance issues challenging the Library.
The Task Force recommended a joint city/county library system with the City of Redding owning the Redding Library headquarters, the County retaining ownership of the branches and contracting with the City to operate the system. The City has also contracted with a private company called Library Systems and Services (LS&S) to manage the library system.

New Redding Library opens
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The new Redding Library opened in March 2007 with a huge community celebration, including a passing of the books from the old library to the new library.


The Shasta Library Foundation continues to play a leadership role with a permanent representative on the five member citizen Library Advisory Committee advising the Redding City Council which serves as the Library Board.

Meet our team

President: Ericka Jones
CEO/Owner Togather Tables
Vice President: Katie Leach
Research and Instruction Librarian: Shasta College
Secretary: Judy Smith
Retired/Community Volunteer
Treasurer: Samia Pedalino
Founder Moving Mountains
Holly Brunson
Senior Producer: Enliven Media
Amanda Warner
Jenny-Lynn Buntin
Consultant: The Chartwell Company LLC
Christina McCulley
Co-Owner: 511 Enterprises LLC
Max Ruffcorn CFA
The Ruffcorn & Miranda Group Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Susan Seamans
Retired Educator
Seargant Danny Smetak
Professional Standards Unit Redding Police Department
Katie Luther
EXP Real Estate Agent
Tim Marinello
VP of Growth, Adventure Challenge