Board and Staff

We are committed as individuals and a group to being informed and involved in our efforts to improve library services in Shasta County.

We pledge to continue our responsible stewardship of your donations, our fundraising efforts, and our advocacy for a quality public library that meets our growing and changing informational needs.

Aaron Hatch Angela Cordell Jennifer Myhrvold Karina Lapp

Aaron Hatch

Angela Cordell
Vice President

Jennifer Myhrvold

Karina Lapp


     Julie Gussenhoven  

Jenny Lynn Buntin

Rory Greek

Julie Gussenhoven

Judy Flores

Pam Hill Lucky Jesrani Katie_Leach_2017_Crop_Background_Change_copy.jpg  

Pamela Hill

Anand "Lucky" Jesrani

Katie Leach

Jason Salter



Ken Wood


Susan Seamans

Anna Tracy (Ex-Officio)

Ken Wood



Staff Members

Jean King, Executive Director

Emily Applekamp, Executive Assistant


Kim Niemer, Community Services Director, City of Redding

Eric Forsberg, Redding Police Department

Randi Slaughter, Community Library Board

Fred Pepper, Friends of the Shasta County Libraries

Greg Vogt, Library Operations Manager